Beginning of Academic Year: An Overview

beginning of acedemic year

It is by the grace of Almighty creator of the universe has once again given us this precious opportunity to spend our days and nights in the beautiful centers of the knowledge and education i.e. universities, schools and Islamic schools to satisfy our thirst of knowledge.

But unfortunately, due to the Corona virus that has spread across the country, all these education centers are closed. This is almost the case all over the world. It is a different matter that now life is slowly getting back on track as usual. Numerous government offices are open now even for a few hours. The shopping markets are also getting crowds and people are moving out of their homes to meet their needs. In our dear country (India), it is hoped that after about a month or so all Schools, Colleges, Madrasas and Universities will be opened so that the students will be able to join their classes. Although, the students are still living in their hometowns and continuing to study online. But soon they will pass through these cities and reach to their School, Colleges, Universities and Madrasas (Islamic School) spread across the country. The students who have not been yet decided may also get ready soon to reach their learning destination and say good bye to their parents, friends, relatives and neighbors.

Importance of knowledge:

Yes, the wealth of knowledge is the eternal and unanswerable wealth. It is knowledge that is not a bondage to wealth, but it is a captive of the righteous spirit. Only wise and conscious people establish a relationship with it. This is the wealth that raises the human being to the highest level of honor and respect. It also gives the ability of distinguishing between right and wrong and judging the true and the false. A Society considers him a leader who can enlighten their fortune and at the same time fulfill all the dreams of their developments. And the greatest thing is that when he becomes success, then he is guaranteed the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (PBUH).

Hard work and Sincerity:

But the fact remains that all these things do not come in handy, but behind it you have to work hard and a solid determination. Where you have to face the ravages of time, you have to hold on to the footsteps of honesty and sincerity in order to achieve your goal without complaining so that on this tough path you do not lag behind in reaching your destination. Of course, in the past there have been a large number of students in the fields of art, literature, research, science and technology who have been not be able to manage their bread and butter. In this regard, you will also find many people who gained knowledge by tying stones on their stomachs, they never brought the inconsistencies of the time to the tongue, worked with patience and courage and then when the time came, they became the sun and moon of knowledge and literature. Such examples are still happening in our society, We often hear such news that today the son of such and such tea seller became an IS officer, the son of such and such became a DM, the son of such and such got a great degree by working hard, such and such a person who used to drive a rickshaw to run his house needs, has played a great role in equipping his daughter with higher education and so on and so forth. And in this way, where the name of their parents got respect and proud, the society is also becoming very popular at the national level.

Of course, such achievements and beautiful incidents draw our attention to the fact that the fruit of hard work is sweet. If a person works hard, his hard work is never in vain. And yes, hard work is no one’s estate. A man who is poor has the same right to hard work as a rich man. Success here is not based on status, but success is based on sincerity. Victory and prosperity come only to the one who works hard work with sincerity and justice. What happens here today is that most of the students don’t want to do hard work however they want to get high marks. If need be, the wealthy people do not shy away from spending money as a bribe to get it. In our Islamic schools, it is seen that when students fail in the mid-term examination, they take an oath that they will study hard now so that they do not have to face failures in the annual examination. But then soon their enthusiasm fades and they become puppets of consolation and negligence.

Punctuality and Value of Time:

Yes! Time is of the essence in becoming a successful and honorable person. Time plays a powerful role in the success story that no human being can deny of it. It is said that time is like a sword, and if you do not cut it, it will cut you off. Now you can judge for yourself how important the wheel of time is in your life. Success is your destiny if you use time with sincerity otherwise you know how far you will reach….

Respect of Teachers:

In order to be an educated man, it is very important that you respect your teacher as much as you respect your parents. Some wise people say that parents only improve the outward life, but a teacher nurtures the spirit of his students in such a way that then they become successful and prosperous throughout the ages. If someone teaches or tells you something good, you should respect them. When a student pays homage to one of his teachers, it does not cause him disrespect but it does give him a great sense of respect. Dear Students, I request you to respect your teachers and become king of destiny. Please remember, when a teacher’s prayer goes out for a student then his success is assured. This will happen only when we always keep our teachers happy and do not make their job though so that continue to be benefited with their knowledge and wisdom.


The goodwill and good name of the institution:

For this, it is necessary to take with you the good name of the institution in which you are studying. Always respect, never try to belittle and explain with golden intentions to the people as much as possible so that the people are inclined towards that institution and will help the organization in different ways. Be able to play a high role in strengthening those institutions. In this way, while your name will be shining, the religion and Sunnah will also be strengthening.

Therefore, in this tempting age, let me tell to the all the students studying in Islamic schools. Don’t be afraid of the pain and suffering you face along the way of your learning, always keep an eye on your goals and objectives. Please study the great lives of our forefathers, how much troubles they faced to get the knowledge and to nurture the tree of Islam in the best way. Yes! Take special care of your time, don’t waste it. Because in this nine-year life, where we have to become a valuable leader for our society and fix its turmoil. We also have to respond to the challenges we are facing from others. This is the short life in which you have to learn the best way to interpret all the dreams related to life.

Therefore, Dear students! Let’s get up with a new determination and make resolutions to reach to your goals. Your solid determination and enthusiasm will make all the above dreams come true. And yes, there is also a request from the head of the educational institutions that please consider these students as the trust of the nation and do the best arrangement for their excellent education and training. Otherwise due to your lack of encouragement and support, this troubled nation might not be able to get its true and sincere leaders.

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