COVID-19 Lockdown’s Impact

Covid-19 Impact

The development of any country depends on its economic development and growth. If the economic system is better, then the condition of this country and nation will also be better, because the economic system plays significant role in the development of any country and nation.

The failure of the economic system means that every sphere of life is in decline, the Covid-19 Lockdown which has weakened the world’s major economies, the situation in developed countries has deteriorated, developing And the situation of the poor countries has reached a critical and alarming point. Lockdown created all sorts of problems which paralyzed human life, completely disintegrated the social and  national fabric, and had a negative impact on every sphere of life except a few. The atmosphere remained clean from environmental pollution, which gave a positive message to us humans that any kind of pollution can be controlled, but on the other hand when it comes to the effects of locking, it has political, social, Economic, religious, moral, medical, organizational, welfare, educational and pedagogical have had very bad and profound effects. Assessing its effects revealed that human lives are sobbing, moral values are being trampled, social lives are in danger, education systems are stalled, schools are locked, people are suffering from mental illness. Organizations remain silent spectators, charities shut down, political turmoil continues, the pace of development has beaten the tortoise’s pace, unemployment is at its peak, the future is in darker.

One by One we will now briefly review the effects of Lockdown.

Political influence:

Wherever a lockdown was announced, its effect was also felt on politics, political activities became limited or its nature changed radically, political parties, political leaders started distancing themself away from the political activities. There were no rallies on the streets as no permission were given, everyone was trying to save their lives, the people were worried, Governments have failed to take effective action in most of the cases due to which the situation of the poor and weak section of the society in particular has deteriorated. The situation of our country has not looked much different. The troubles and hardships that the poor and the daily wagers have to go through are obvious to all.

The country came to a standstill, development work almost came to a standstill, development work remained closed to the people but internal squabbles between the political parties continued, some provincial governments alerted the locked people and some informed them of their plight. Leaving the helpless, the force of political power was such that the people walked thousands of kilometers, exhausted from hunger and thirst, but their plea did not reached up to the ears of the government.

Social impact:

The effect of the lockdown was felt by every section of the society, be it the upper class of the society, the middle class or the lower class. Every class has suffered from it. It also had a profound effect on the middle class and the lower classes.

Developed countries such as the United States, France, England, Germany and Italy also failed to keep the weaker sections of society happy, and the situation in developing countries was so bad that it had a greater impact on society. It was horrible to see, the whole society was locked up, the weak people were left helpless due to the negligence of the government,Their work ceased, there was a shortage of food and drink, and along with this epidemic, the number of people who died of hunger and thirst remained high, but on the other hand, the wealthy, kind-hearted people, NGOs, and social workers they performed their human and moral duty by helping the needy.

Social life came to a complete standstill: where society was made up of people, everyone came to work for each other, but because of this epidemic, social gathering, meeting, travelling, everything stopped, relatives It distances people and increased distances among people, the sacred events like marriage was stopped, the fabric of the society was shattered, there was no one to inform and visit, only in keeping distance from each other did feel safe.

The strangest thing that tormented and afflicted the human soul in this virus was that when death occurred, society could not bury / burn with respect, dignity and honor as it used to do before the outbreak of the virus. ۔ The people of the society are not even allowed to bathe and wash him and then go to the graveyard or perform religious last rites in their own way. It may be the first time in human history that a father stays away from a son, a son stays away from a father, a mother stays away from a daughter, a daughter stays away from a mother. According to reports, the news even went so far as to forbid the burial of the deceased from Corona in many cemeteries.

The lockout affected every segment of society, age, and gender, but it also had a more negative impact on the vulnerable, children and women in particular. Never before had there been so much opportunity, got rid of going to the office, got freedom from running, got enough sleep, but on the other hand it had a very bad effect on women, children and the weak, women who are already keep themself inside in their homes now it further increased, which had a detrimental effect on health, increased domestic violence, Sexual violence increased, physical and mental abuse increased, stress increased, according to the National Women’s Organization (NWC), sexual violence doubled during the lockout. husbands and wives stayed together during the lockout quarrels and quarrels escalated, the matter escalated to beatings and physical and mental torture. The increase in bar created rifts in the marital life.

Bad marital relations at home, quarrels day and night, increasing repetitions, being heard, abusive language has a bad and negative effect on the minds of children, the proper training of children proved to be distorted, mental and intellectual development. There was a profound effect on health, not being locked in the house and not going out of the house had a bad effect on health, bored while living at home and began to suffer from bad thoughts instead of good thoughts, travel and recreation which is essential for health and fitness is essential to maintain the ban.

Epilepsy itself is a disease. Locking itself is another which they suffer from. In a state of weakness, they need fresh air, fresh and nutritious food and its availability has been reduced. At this age, they are prone to many diseases. It needs timely treatment. Due to the lockout, the treatment was not done properly. There was a shortage. They became irritable after staying at home and finally reached the brink of death. Thus we see that the lockdown Deep effects on social life.

Economic impact:

Due to the lockout, the society, the country, the organization, the institutions, all fell victim to the economic downturn, which marginalized the weaker sections of the society, the lockout caused a huge increase in unemployment, the employment rate was already It was running on the lower rungs and it increased further. The economic structure is the real basis for the development of a society, a country, an institution, an organization that has collapsed due to a lockout. People keep losing their jobs,The wages of the laborers were gone, the work of the factory workers was stopped, the workers engaged in the construction work were confined in their houses due to lack of work, the peddlers and peddlers had to wash their hands of their livelihood. The condition of those who work and eat every day has deteriorated, all the shopping malls have been turned into mourning places, no buyers or sellers.

The strength, power, and influence of a country depends on its economic condition, which is affected by the lockout, not just on India or a few other countries, but more or less in every country Stay the same The growth rate has gone into a state of negativity and why not when the domestic production has stopped, the traffic has come to a standstill to a great extent, the whole world has come to a standstill.

The lockout has hit the country’s economy so hard that it takes time to run, crawl and walk. Most countries suffer from a variety of problems. Such as health, livelihood, employment, and skyrocketing inflation. According to the World Economic Outlook (April 2020), the global growth rate is minus 3%. The decline came from 6.3% in January, indicating that a period of great recession has begun with the lockout, and also said that if in the next six months If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

The effects will be felt in all walks of life, and if overcome in the next six months, the growth rate is expected to reach 5.8% in 2021. Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China have all been devastated. According to the World Economic Organization, the growth rate of the United States was 2.3% in 2019 and 5.9% in 2020. Yes, China’s growth rate was 6.1% in 2019 which is now 1.2%, India’s growth rate was 4.2% in 2019 which is now 1.1% in 2020, and Saudi Arabia’s rate is .0.3%. Which has now come down to 2.3% in the negative. It was the first time during the lockout that even the world’s great economies went into denial.

Small scale industries were on the verge of closure, agricultural production was no better, the vegetables that were grown could not be fully delivered to the market, it was read and heard that the farmers were growing vegetables. And the fruits were distributed for free or thrown on the streets, there were many difficulties in transporting the vegetables to the market, on the other hand due to lack of money the people did not have enough buyers, most of the workers on their own. They moved to villages, which prevented timely harvesting, irrigation and sowing of crops, and thus the agricultural economy.

Tourism is also a source of income for the country. Due to the lockout, people have stopped moving from one place to another, from one country to another. At the bases, the archeological buildings stared at the entrance, but no human was seen in the distance.

Travel and entertainment is an industry in many countries, the film is also a part of the entertainment, the film industry contributes to the development of the country by earning a good amount of money, film fans are deprived of watching movies, and this industry In case of non-earning, it remained in the weak side of the economy.

Religious influence:

Locking also changed the way of worship. In case of lockdown, all religious centers, places of worship, mosques, temples, gurdwaras, churches, etc. were closed, people had to stop going to mosques or temples for worship, prayers As the holy and very important acts of worship continued to be performed at home, the Muslims who used to go to the mosque five times a day to offer prayers did not stay in the middle of it. Friday, which is called Eid of the weekend, was also banned. Verily, the month of Ramadan, the most important and virtuous month for the Muslim world, came during the lockout. Mosques were deserted even in this month, usually mosques get crowded during  this month and you will not find any space. People who do not offer prayers in any other month of the year must also offer prayers in this month. The five daily prayers, Taraweeh prayers are arranged with great pomp and ceremony, they keep themselves in the mosque, fast, in the last ten days, I’tikaaf and Shab-e-Qadr are arranged, waking up in the mosques on Shab-e-Qadr. Remember Allah, all these acts of worship had to be performed in their own homes due to the lockdown, there is no greater sacrifice for Muslims than that he had to perform the five daily prayers at home and replace the Friday prayers, greater than that What is more painful is that due to the lockout, important duties such as Hajj and Umrah had to be abandoned (excluding the locals). 

We had to stop going to the temples for worship, the temple was locked, especially for the worship which used to be crowded in the temples at two times, morning and evening, Banaras whose morning is famous because In the morning, the sound of conch shells and the throng of worshipers are heard. They are temporarily turned into closed synagogues. The big temples were never closed for years. There was silence in the temples, and in the hustle and bustle that people used to see in rows. The door used to be open for worshiping, asking for intentions, praying to God, offering offerings, which was found closed today, only to worship in the heart.

Similarly, in a church where crowds were seen, especially on Sundays, they all went to worship. The lockout affected worship as well as marriage.

The gurdwara was crowded with people all day long, the senate was floating around, the gurvani that drew people to it, forcing them to listen, they all lost their hearing, but yes the gurdwara continued to anchor and thus serve. People keep performing.

The places of worship were closed to the public temporarily, and the way of worship changed, the religious work that was performed from the places of worship ceased, and people were confined to their homes.

Educational Impact:

Humanity teaches humanity to man, knowledge teaches man to man, knowledge which has been at the forefront of the greatest gems, treasures and treasures, is obtained only from teachers and educational centers, the disadvantages of locking up scientific centers and educational Institutions are well off, educational centers are closed, the process of learning and teaching knowledge has come to a standstill, schools, colleges, universities, schools, madrassas, colleges and universities are all closed, students trapped in their homes. The hobbies of teaching and learning ceased, the teachers stayed at home, the closure of the institutions affected the studies of the children, the examinations which were yet to take place remained suspended. The teacher-student relationship was severed, the children stopped going out of the house, they got bored while staying at home, began to feel mentally tired, mental and physical development stopped, fresh air gusts were avoided, Meeting friends, gossiping, bragging, proving one’s superiority, all stopped. Government and non-government institutions, coaching, classes, tuition and computer centers were locked, causing great damage to education, major university entrance tests, medical entrance tests, engineering entrance tests, teacher aptitude tests, provincial and national. And were held internationally.

But on the other hand, a new path, a new style, a new method, a new initiative was adopted which is of the present age. , And the future is the same, that is, online learning, to keep pace with the times, maybe it would take a long time for education through the internet and online to come up as an alternative to offline Many schools, colleges, universities, colleges, universities and coaching centers have emphasized on online education and the tools of the present age in order to ensure that education is not wasted and time is wasted. Software used.

Online education has emerged as a new alternative that does not benefit the people living in villages, hamlets, towns, but it is very likely that in the future every person, every area and every rich and poor will benefit from it.

Medical effect:

The lockout also affected medical services. Lack of medical facilities for people suffering from other diseases has turned people’s lives into ‘one or two bitter gourds’. Cancer patients, heart patients, and pregnant women were more prone to lockouts, the hassle of getting to and from the hospital, not being able to get the right treatment, the beatings, etc., were extremely disturbing. Cried, felt like With the advent of Covid-19, all diseases have disappeared. Physicians, sages, doctors also found themselves in a state of fear and terror. How many people lost their lives in the state of emergency, doctors were not available even for the treatment of minor ailments, they also found their lives dear and in the streets. They had to close their clinic.

Environmental impact:

The Corona Lockdown reduced pollution, increasing day by day after the Industrial Revolution, endangering human lives, the lives of animals, the lives of animals, birds and beasts, which were temporarily endangered. Freedom from the real danger.

Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution, plants, animals or inanimate objects came out and breathed a sigh of relief. Respiratory complaints from fumes and harmful gases from factories and chimneys have been on the rise, with an increase in asthma cases, cancer and other diseases, which have been stopped by locking, clearing the air after locking. Emissions of harmful gases have been negligible, with travel disruptions reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur and other gases from ships, trains, buses, trucks and cars. Made the atmosphere clean and transparent, reduced respiratory patients.

According to a senior member of the Center for International Climate Research, pollution from nitrogen dioxide causes asthma in some 4 million people worldwide, year round, according to the same study, which saved 5,300 lives in India alone. Nitrogen dioxide was reduced by 11 percent, and ozone by 11 percent during the lockout.

With the clean air, far-flung buildings became clearer, eye irritation decreased, ozone depletion reduced the number of cancer patients, and pollution from industrial activity and production and construction work accounted for approximately. 18.5%. These activities remained closed during the lockout, leaving a large portion of the air clean.

The soul was protected from noise pollution due to non-movement of vehicles, noise from factories and factories, noise from vehicles and noise from construction work, human world and settlement remained safe, human beings were deaf from noise pollution. May be up to which it did not remain during this period. 

Harmful gases, as well as toxic substances from factories and wastes, are discharged into rivers, streams and oceans, which pose a risk of disease and death in aquatic animals, such as fish in aquatic animals. Die in water During the lockout, the water of rivers, streams and seas became clear and transparent, which man has been longing for centuries but has not been able to take practical steps. But only pollution was widespread in the name of Development.

China, the United States, England and Turkey have been at the forefront of polluting the atmosphere. The lockdown reduced emissions from China by about 50 percent. Air pollution in every major city that was involved in the lockout was reduced. In the list of polluted cities, the atmosphere in Delhi, the capital of India, also looked very clean and transparent. The buildings here were not clean. It started to look clear. In short, the atmosphere of the world during the lockdown is pleasant, Charming and nice, but not a place of much happiness because then the same day and night is about to happen, the process of returning has started, everything is going to be the same as before, it is a temporary joy that the atmosphere is pleasant, the weather is pleasant. The sky is clear, the weather has changed, it’s not too late, it’s just temporary, as soon as the lockout is over, life is back on track, the ecosystem must be strong.

On the one hand, the whole system of the world, as a way of working, is done for the welfare of human beings, but on the other hand, many lives are endangered by environmental pollution, we have to develop a plan of action with positive thinking of the system to save lives.

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